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The Strucket is a cleaning system that makes life simple and easy.
From diapers, bibs and baby clothes to sheets, toys, dad’s golf balls, and the fruit & veg. The Strucket can be used inside, outside, for the kid's stuff, the dad's stuff and the pet's stuff - there are infinite uses across the whole house.






How It Works

Strucket - interlocking strainer bucket

Designed to fit into your sink, pop your items in your Strucket, agitate and when you return simply pull up the strainer. Connect it to the top of the base and then drain using the outer plug – without ever touching the water or the toxic mess in it!

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Strucket In Action

The ingenuity of Strucket

With the Strucket you will never leave your items soaking for endless days again, because the Strucket makes soaking and straining simple and stress-free!

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Strucket laundry strainer bucket

Are you tired of struggling with traditional laundry buckets that leave your hands dirty and contaminated? Or are you too busy to get the contents out of a soaking bucket? Look no further than the Strucket laundry bucket, a revolutionary new product designed to make washing and soaking clothes easier and more hygienic than ever before.

Step aside, conventional bucket! Say hello to the STRUCKET, the groundbreaking combination of a strainer and a bucket.

With the Strucket, you can effortlessly soak, sanitise, separate, and drain without any mess or hassle. Keep your hands clean and forget about touching dirty water ever again.

This innovative solution is not only eco-friendly but also perfect for those with sensitive skin or anyone needing to soak items.

Introducing the perfect union of a strainer and a bucket – Strainer meet bucket.  Bucket meet strainer.

This ingenious household item integrates a strainer and bucket with an external plug system, delivering a time-saving and convenient solution for your soaking and cleaning needs.

Designed in Australia and awarded for its excellence, the Strucket is a versatile tool capable of handling any task that involves water, liquids, and soiled items.

Use the Strucket just as you would with a regular bucket, allowing the mess to soak.

When you come back to your Strucket filled with the mess, all you need to do is lift the strainer from the bucket and secure it in place, effectively separating the soaked items while leaving the dirty water behind.

The Strucket features a built-in plug system at its base. By releasing the plug, the dirty water effortlessly drains away. This means your hands are never exposed to dirty water, ensuring a clean and hygienic experience.

Bid farewell to those messy laundry days forever with the Strucket Laundry Bucket! This innovative product is a game-changer, seamlessly merging an interlocking strainer, a bucket, and an external plug system to simplify and elevate your clothes-washing experience.

Featuring a sleek and award-winning design, the Strucket Laundry Bucket ensures you never have to immerse your hands in dirty water again. The external plug system facilitates the hassle-free disposal of contaminated water, keeping your hands clean and dry, and you can even recycle this water.

With a generous capacity of up to 19 liters, the Strucket allows you to easily soak large batches at once. When your soaking is complete, simply connect the strainer and release the plug at the bottom to strain and drain the bucket – no mess and no fuss.

The Strucket isn't just a game-changer in the laundry; it's also perfect for the kitchen, DIY projects, and indispensable for fishing and camping adventures. It undeniably fulfills a unique niche in the market. Plus, it's proudly Australian-made, BPA-free, and 100% recyclable.

If you're seeking a fast and effortless method for washing garments, using a Strucket is your best bet due to its excellent agitation capabilities. It's particularly well-suited for washing items such as activewear, delicate fabrics, and baby clothes. It also proves to be an outstanding option for camping or travel situations, especially when access to traditional laundry facilities is restricted.

1. Put your items into the Strucket interlocking strainer bucket

2. Add any temperature of water and any solution

3. Agitate by pulling the Strucket strainer up and down

4. Leave for desired timeframe

5. To separate items, pull up the strainer and lock it into the connected position

6. Release plug to drain - recycle the water if you wish

7. Now repeat the process with just water for the rinse cycle

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