Strucket gift card - Strucket USA
Strucket gift card - Strucket
Strucket gift card - Strucket USA
Strucket gift card - Strucket

Strucket gift card

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Limited colours now shipping direct from USA 🇺🇸

Explore the range of Strucket products now available for shipping from the USA, and discover the perfect solution for all your cleaning needs.

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Give the gift of a cleaner, easier life!  

From fruit and vegetable cleaning to laundry, keeping drinks cold, cleaning make-up brushes and watering plants - everyone has a cleaning problem that can be solved with Strucket. 

Giving a gift card means your lucky friend or family member can choose from our wide variety of colours (pink, navy, sand, aqua - it goes on!). This means it will match their home and style perfectly. 

It also gives them the freedom to select their must-have Strucket size - whether it's the Strucket 19L, Strucket Mini or Strucket Teenie (or one of each!)

Good for all homes, Mother Nature's included

The Strucket can be used time and time again, and is 100% recyclable, making it easy to do your bit for the planet.

Plus, it’s BPA-free and made from food-grade materials, so it’s safer for your family, too.

Find your perfect Strucket

Regular Bucket Teenie Mini 19L
Capacity 3L 1L 4.5L 19L
Interlocking Strainer
Lid (Optional extra)
Food Grade
Built-in Drainage
Ergonomic Design
Perfect for Kitchen use
Perfect for Washing
Perfect for Hygiene Products
Perfect for Reusable Nappies