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Strucket: baby

Designed to handle the
most precious things in life

Good for all homes, Mother Nature's included

Although it’s impossible to eliminate all the spills, spews and poos, Strucket helps reduce the time and energy it takes to clean, giving families more time to do the things they love, together.


Baby uses

Strip and sanitise

Strucket can be used as a ‘strip and sanitise’ device on both traditional and modern cloth diapers, making sustainable parenting that much easier.

Cleanse dummies and bottles

This handy sidekick will always be around to quickly and conveniently clean dummies, toys, bottles and anything else the baby got their hands on.

Easy clean-ups

Make reusable diaper clean-up easy when using Strucket as a dry pail. Have the strainer in an elevated position over the base and pop a couple of drops of essential oil in the base to help combat odours.

A portable tub

Instead of being stuck by the sink, bathe your baby anywhere (and anytime!) they need it, with the lightweight-yet-sturdy 19L Strucket.

Wash up onesies, bibs and sheets

Being a new mom is definitely not easy, but washing up onesies, bibs and more can be. Feel confident ditching those single-use baby supplies and switching to reusable supplies.

My Strucket making life with a newborn easy and also saving me from the pain of having to hand wash my favourite delicate clothes! hands free and mess free. No laundry should be without one!!!

Tegan Foden


Environmentally friendly

The Strucket can be used time and time again, and is 100% recyclable, making it easy to do your bit for the planet. Plus, it’s BPA-free, so it’s safer for your family, too.

More reasons families love Strucket

The ultimate “love and leave ya” assistant

The best thing about Strucket is how little time you'll spend with it. Pop in your items that need soaking and get a move on with your day! When they're ready to dry, just do the same thing! Finally, you can feel good about forgetting your chores.

Reuse, recycle and renew

Grey water doesn't always have to go down the drain. Rather than draining it into the sink, carry the Strucket into the garden, pop the internal plug and give your plants a much-needed drink. It's just as good for the environment as it is for your water bill.

Australian designed &made

Created by local Sunshine Coast mum of three Kelly Lavery, the Strucket is Australian designed and manufactured. Every time you use your Strucket you are supporting the Australian economy and helping to create and sustain local jobs.