Why Struckets Pair Perfectly With Cloth Nappies

Cloth nappies, also known as reusable nappies, have changed a lot over the years, along with washing and storage best-practice.

The Strucket is an Australian made strainer/bucket, and can be used in conjunction with cloth nappies to make the washing process easier.Whether you opt for folding nappy flats or the ease of modern cloth nappies, there are many reasons the Strucket ticks all the boxes for families choosing to cloth nappy their children.

Strucket allows for both soaking and dry pailing

These days, it is recommended to dry pail cloth nappies for their day-to-day care.

Dry pailing means to place the dirty nappies into an airy basket to provide air flow and ventilation to the nappies, which helps prevent smells.

It ’s a common misconception that using a sealed bin with a lid works to store dirty nappies, but this contained environment actually helps ammonia to form faster - making it harder to keep them clean and creating bad smells.

This is why we recommend leaving the Strucket lid off while using it as a dry pail.

You can also clip the strainer part of the Strucket up onto the edge of the bucket component, allowing good air flow and providing the ideal dry pail solution.

Those who use cloth nappies already will know that there is often still a need to soak: whether it’s an especially stubborn stain on a nappy insert, or if your nappies are in need of a sanitise.

The Strucket allows for easy soaking without having to touch the mess within, and the built-in tap allows for even easier drainage.

The strainer can even be pushed up and down on top of soiled items to agitate, which helps to remove stains.

Let’s face it, having a baby in the house regardless of whether you’re using cloth nappies means there are always messy clothing items needing a soak.

Strucket works for all home layouts

Our family have used cloth nappies in multiple homes over the years: from when we lived in a tiny apartment to living in a two-story house with two children in cloth nappies.

During our time in these different homes, our cloth nappy change setup has varied and adapted.

For a small apartment, only one change station was needed, and the large Strucket worked well as a stand-alone dry pail.

In a two-story home and with two children in cloth nappies, we found we needed multiple change stations to avoid constant trips up and down the stairs.

It therefore worked well to have a Mini Strucket stationed as a mini dry pail at each change table (one on both levels of the home), with a large Strucket in the laundry area as the main dry pail.

This meant that at the end of the day, we could consolidate all the dirty nappies into the one large Strucket.

The Mini Strucket 4.5L and the Teenie 1L Strucket can also be hooked onto the large Strucket, providing the ideal separation for dirty cloth wipes and cleaning tools for the nappies.

Strucket works for mothers recovering from c-section deliveries

Whether you are planning a c-section, or need to have an emergency one, the recovery journey prevents you from lifting anything heavier than your baby for six weeks.

This includes laundry!

When you find yourself needing to soak laundry, many are shocked to learn that a full 19L bucket of laundry and water actually weighs a whopping 19kg.

This is why we love the design of the Strucket, it fits most laundry sinks and it has an in-built tap for easy drainage without the need to lift or touch the contents.

It’s a win-win for time-poor parents wanting to keep their cloth nappies and other laundry going during the busy newborn phase.

Strucket has other uses beyond cloth nappies

Whilst we love using cloth nappies, our children won’t be wearing them forever.

When the last of our children are toilet-trained, there are numerous other uses for our Struckets beyond cloth nappies.

They are great for soaking soiled underwear, a common occurrence for the years following toilet training. 

They work equally well alongside reusable menstrual cups or sanitary pads.

As the kids get older, they’re great for soaking muddy sports clothes.

Once they’re no longer needed in the laundry room, they can be used elsewhere in the home or even as a portable sink on camping trips.

The Strucket, much like NappyLuxe modern cloth nappies, is made from high-quality materials; it’s a product that is built to last the test of time.

The fact that it is 100% recyclable is further bonus.

These are just a few of the reasons the Strucket works so well to compliment cloth nappies.

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Guest blog post written by experienced cloth nappy user and founder of NappyLuxe, Natalie Lassen.



Like many, Natalie (NappyLuxe Founder) opted to give cloth nappies a go when becoming a parent. She was determined to make whatever small difference she could to reduce her environmental impact.

After years of experience trialing dozens of styles and types of cloth nappies, it became clear that not all cloth nappies are created equal. Natalie set out on a quest to create a premium nappy that's both simple to use, long-lasting and ultra-absorbent. NappyLuxe was born. 

Nappyluxe is based in sunny Brisbane and specialises in cloth nappy bundles to suit every family.