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Instagram made me buy it!

I saw someone using this while washing their hand knits. I immediately thought I need that! A quick internet search and I found Strucket. I bought both sizes. Perfect for my hand knit items.

The incorrect color was shipped. The company has been very difficult to access for support in resolving the issue. Buy from this company only if you are not particular about color or post purchase support.

Hi Maggie,
Thank you for your feedback and we are sorry that the incorrect color product was received. We trust that you have received your second correct colored product free of charge and we hope you enjoy using it. Thank you for supporting our family owned business.

Struckets many uses

Love this product. The small is perfect for one item for soaking and the large is great for larger items. Easy to empty water with drain spout. As a knitter it is perfect for blocking prep!!

It is the best system I have bought.

Just the right size

I have the larger one for my laundry room and it is really big, almost too big because it hardly fits in my big wash sink! However, I like the idea behind the strucket bucket with having the agitate, strain, drain and store all in one so I order the 4.5L size and it seems to be perfect.


Excellent for washing my smaller knitted objects, straining the excess water, and transporting to the blocking mats without stretching the fabric.

Great product!

I’m loving my Strucket, What an amazing product! It’s perfect for soaking and rinsing my hand knits or anything that needs a quick dip. 10/10 recommend!

Always being used!!

I love my struckets so much. They are always used in this household from soaking clothes to draining washed shoes, washing and blocking handknits and disinfecting toys. Endless uses and amazing product!

Mini strucket beige/white

Works really well and will go back for the larger size. Perfect to soaking small kids items and hand washing small knits.

Love love this product

I had previously purchased one from you for my goddaughter for her new baby. My daughter has one also I’m a convert so I got my small one it’s great for soaking smalls and my grandies things when they visit
Cheers Jude

Useful and convenient

I regard this basket is a very useful and convenient since I don't even need to use my hands to rinse my periond underwear.

Space and time saver!

Absolutely genius invention. Can’t wait to try the mini too!!

Strucket 4.5 L mini strainer bucket with lid

They look like just what I wanted

Amazing customer service!!!

I haven't yet received my order (only placed it an hour ago!) but had to post this review comment. The customer service is amazing and so fast. I had made an unnecessary double up purchase in my order - had added a lid that was already in the product itself, and two plugs that also I didn't need - and the customer service person saw my order and rang to check what I wanted and has already refunded me for the items I don't need after all. She was lovely and I am so surprised that anyone would have thought to call and check. Thanks to whoever called me, I didn't even ask your name but you were so lovely!!

I adore the Strucket

I stored it in a cupboard but quickly moved it to an open shelf because I know I’ll be using it a lot.

Strucket Bundle - 19L + Strucket Mini
Maggie Salmon

Love both of them!

Lalarnie Slaven

Excellent. Works as intended.
Thank you

Strucket Bundle - 19L + Strucket Mini
Beck B

Wonderfully designed product! We purchased the white base with grey insert for laundry and clear base with aqua for food to ensure no mixups. I can now still use my laundry sink while soaking clothes, and no drips from wet clothes to transfer into our front loader! Very happy customer!

Strucket Bundle - 19L + Strucket Mini
Lalarnie Slaven
Strucket Bundle - 19L + Strucket Mini?


Great for soaking hubby's dirty work shirts and the mini is great for ladies monthly accidents.

I love how you don't have to touch the items to clean or agitate and having the plug at the bottom to empty the dirty water is awesome and so much easier.

Thank you

Mini Strucket x 2.

I have 5 kids & one of them is toilet training, so I got 2 of them. They are Brilliant.


Love it. So practical. I wish I had known about them earlier.
Also bought one for my daughter.
Great gift idea for the future.

Strucket 19L Strainer Bucket 

Strucket 19L Lid
Valerie Rossiter
Get rid of the bucket and get a strucket!

Absolutely brilliant, I always like to soak my whites and colours, which made my little laundry look cluttered and messy. The struckets with the kids are brilliant and the straining means I now have no water on the floor like I previously did. 10/10. Fabulous service and great communication

Strucket 1L Teenie Strainer Container
So cute

Looking forward to using on our next trip. Love that it packs up neatly within itself.

A must have!

I enjoy using my strucket every day and think every laundry should have one!