This is Big!

Strucket = Strainer + Bucket + Interlocking Connection + Plug

With the Strucket, it’s never been easier to find time for yourself. And now, it has never been easier to find the Strucket.

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Strucket 19L Sage is available at Bunnings Warehouse across Australia.

Our Australian Made innovation allows you to wash, soak, agitate, separate, strain and drain like a pro….and all without touching the mess inside!

Whilst our Strucket 19L was originally designed by our founder Kelly Lavery, around the laundry, the innovation lends itself to so many uses all around the home and great outdoors!

Move over buckets.

Soak, sanitise, separate and drain with the hands-free no grime, no fuss, Strucket.

Never touch dirty water again; a sustainable solution for sensitive skin and anyone with anything to soak.

Strainer meet bucket.  Bucket meet strainer.

YOU use the Strucket just like a bucket and leave the mess to soak.

When you return to your bucket of mess, you simply pull up the strainer from the bucket, click in to place, separating the soaked items and leaving the filthy water behind.

We’ve inbuilt a plug system on the base of the Strucket.  You release the plug and your dirty water simply goes down the drain.

Your hands never, ever touch dirty water.

What can you use your Strucket for? 

  • Car Washing – no grit on your sponge or your car!
  • Camping – wash your dishes and clothing with ease!
  • Plant Watering – brilliant for bottom watering or fertilising your indoor plants
  • Hand Washing – perfect for those delicate items with its excellent agitation
  • Bleaching – bring your items back to vibrant white, hands free! Perfect for sensitive skin
  • DIY – clean your paint brushes and rollers like a pro and safely dispose of the water.
  • Gardening – collect your garden produce and wash it to release the garden soil and insects
  • Kids Toys – sanitise and cleanse away the germs
  • Hard Yacka Work Clothes – we all know these need a degrease and a deep soak
  • Pets – soak their bedding, leads and collars to renew and refresh
  • Boating – an esky, a bait bucket, a washing device

The uses are endless!


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