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The Strucket innovation has taken Australia by storm with its most popular range of interlocking strainer buckets, and now it's time for the USA to experience the magic. The Australian Made innovative design and high-quality materials used in Strucket make it a must-have for any household or commercial kitchen.

With the Strucket you will never leave your items soaking for endless days again, because the Strucket makes soaking and straining simple and stress-free!

Designed to fit into your sink, pop your items in your Strucket, agitate and when you return simply pull up the strainer. Connect it to the top of the base and then drain using the outer plug – without ever touching the water or the mess in it!

Plus, its versatile range of uses extends beyond just the laundry - Strucket can also be used for food preparation, cleaning toys, the great outdoors and even pets! Don't settle for less, upgrade your household game with Strucket and make your life easier and more convenient. Order now and join the growing number of satisfied Strucket customers.

Psst... we'll be launching more to the USA soon!

We're excited to announce that more products and colors will be added to our USA range soon, so stay tuned for even more options to choose from!

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